24/11/2002 updated
T. : Compiled by Hideo Tsukamoto
PC : Compiled by Kathryn Jane Welter
POP: Compiled by Antoine Bouchard
T. PC POP song title CDs musics
20114411 Ciacona in C 1v 2ii 4
202145?12 Ciacona in D 1ii 2vii 19 25i 3ix 4
203146?13 Ciacona in D 1iv 2xi
20414714 Ciacona in d (dorisch) 1x 2iii 3i 18 3i 6 11ii
20514815 Ciacona in F 1vii 2iv 25i 3vi
20614916 Ciacona in f 1i 2i 3i 17 18 19 25i 3i 11ii

The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians (Macmillan Publishers)
Kathryn Jane Welter, "Johann Pachelbel: Organist, Teacher, Composer, A Critical Reexamination of His Life, Works, And Historical Significance", Harvard University (1998)
notes of each CD

Produced by Hideo Tsukamoto